The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies is designed to provide the biblical and theological knowledge necessary for students to carry out Christian ministry in the local church and/or to pursue advanced academic studies. After completion of this curriculum, the student will be able to accurately deduce the Scriptures, and acquire a working knowledge of the history and application of theology, effectively expound the gospel in a spiritual and intellectual arena, as well as conduct programs of study and worship in their local church that will assist in the continuing life of the Christian faith, and to pursue higher academic studies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies is a 120 credit undergraduate degree and is designed for students who wish to enter into vocational careers within the ministry. Students who have completed this degree program will have gained a mastery of the important concepts of the Bible and should be able to clearly express these concepts through teaching, preaching and writing.


Bible & Theology Nonelectives
Students Must Complete All Thirty-Three Credit Hours

BIB 100 Destiny and Calling                               3
BIB 101 Old Testament Survey                           3
BIB 103 New Testament Survey                          3
BIB 104 Hermeneutics                                        3
BIB 201 Writings of John                                   3
BIB 301 Synoptic Gospels                                 3
BIB 401 Book of Mark                                       3
THE 101 Introduction to Theology                      3
THE 201 Systematic Theology I                          3
THE 202 Systematic Theology II                         3
THE 301 Kingdom of God                                 3
Total Credit Hours: 33

Bible & Theology Requirements
Students Must Complete All Thirty-Three Credit Hours

BIB 201 Writings of John                                               3
BIB 210 Book of Hebrews                                  3
BIB 302 Pauline Epistles and Leadership            3
BIB 303 Book of Romans                                  3
BIB 310 Pastoral Epistles                                  3
BIB 320 Book of Jonah                                     3
BIB 330 Book of Revelation                               3
BIB 411 1 Peter                                                 3
ELE 109 Introduction to Biblical Literature           3
THE 103 Introduction to Apologetics                              3
Total Credit Hours: 33

General Studies Nonelectives
Students Must Complete All Twenty-Four Credit Hours

CNS 130 Introduction to Counseling                               3
ENG 111 College Writing                                               3
ENG 112 Research for Writing                            3
HST 101 Church History I                                               3
HST 201 Church History II                                  3
MIS 301 Cultural Anthropology                                       3
MTH 211 College Mathematics                                       3
SCI 301 Creation Science                                               3
Total Credit Hours: 24