High School graduates or the equivalent, many choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree. If a student wants to pursue further education, this level of degree is typically the preliminary achievement before earning a master’s or doctoral degree.

What is a Bachelor in Divinity?

In the Bachelor in Divinity program, candidates learn the essential skills for becoming part of the ministry. Areas of study include theological, historical, linguistic and philosophical studies. Through practical and theoretical learning, students usually learn how to become spiritual leaders within the Christian faith. Students in general learn cross-cultural traditions and methodologies to expand their denominational worldview.

A Bachelor in Divinity degree provides the recipient thereof with vital and viable skills in leadership, communication and critical thinking, which may be used in the pursuit of a career in ministry. After receiving a degree, students are eligible to pursue a Masters of Divinity, which are customary for most religious leadership positions.

The Bachelor of Divinity program is a 120 credit hour requirement. Metropolitan Christian University requires all students enrolled in any of the Undergraduate Degree Programs to complete the following core curriculum:


Introduction to the Bible

3 credits


Old Testament Survey

3 credits


New Testament Survey

3 credits


Introduction to Homiletics

3 credits


English Composition I

3 credits


Western Civilizations I

3 credits


Introduction to Theology

3 credits


New Testament Church & Its Ministries

3 credits



3 credits


English Composition II

3 credits

Total Credits:

30 credits