The following requirements for all MCU Degree Programs apply:

Undergraduate Degrees:

Associates of Arts Degree: 60 credits
Bachelor of Arts Degree: 60 credits above the Associates or 120 credits


Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (AABS)

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is a two-year program that combines a foundational liberal arts education with an introduction to biblical studies, Christian doctrine, and theology. The curriculum emphasizes Christian values as part of every course. A key focus is spiritual formation — developing a Christ-centered character that is visible through serving God and others.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS)

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is a comprehensive professional program to prepare students for service in the church as pulpit ministers, elders, deacons, missionaries, and Bible teachers.  Also, this program helps prepare students for associated Christian leadership positions in youth services or as ministers of education at large congregations or chaplains in hospitals, the armed forces, universities, and correctional institutions.  Additionally, the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies has a focus on a scholarly approach to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees such as MCU’s Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Master of Arts in Theological Studies, which include a concentration in biblical/theological studies, including exegesis of Scripture in at least one of the original languages in which it was written.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program, the graduate will be able to:

1.           Demonstrate skills and knowledge in general education areas that are foundation to life skills and further education;

2.            Impart knowledge of the Old Testament and the New Testament;

3.            Develop a basic explanation of Christianity; and

4.            Translate basic Greek or Hebrew into English.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (BAMin)

MCU understands the need to equip people in ministry positions with the knowledge and resources to reach out to their community and to our world. There is a very real need for relevant degrees for Church leadership. Our Ministry and Leadership program gives adults empowering, faith-based learning, needed for effective church leadership.

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective church ministry, para-church ministry and the administration of both. Whether you are pursuing an online ministry degree or attending classes in person, this program will allow you to continue working in your home church while providing you with the leadership and biblical education you desire.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies (BATS)

A Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies provides the education and critical thinking skills needed to understand the world deeply, grapple with complex issues, and bring one’s faith to bear in any vocation, commonly in teaching or ministry, but also in business, health care, law, or other career paths.

MCU’s College of Theological Studies brings to the classroom a unique combination of thorough thoughtfulness and academic distinction on the one hand and faithfulness, prayerfulness and passion on the other.  Professors are dedicated to developing in students – patient, insightful and systematic thinking about Christianity and to helping them deepen, live and share their faith. As a student of theological studies, you engage with professors and fellow students in some of the deepest and most significant questions of human existence; a more exciting and all-encompassing discipline can hardly be found. Theology draws upon the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible and Christian Tradition and draws upon all the resources of human thought to understand God more deeply and everything else in light of Christian revelation.

Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv)

High School graduates or the equivalent, many choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree. If a student wants to pursue further education, this level of degree is typically the preliminary achievement before earning a master’s or doctoral degree.

In the Bachelor in Divinity program, candidates learn the essential skills for becoming part of the ministry. Areas of study include theological, historical, linguistic and philosophical studies. Through practical and theoretical learning, students usually learn how to become spiritual leaders within the Christian faith. Students in general learn cross-cultural traditions and methodologies to expand their denominational worldview.

A Bachelor in Divinity degree provides the recipient thereof with vital and viable skills in leadership, communication and critical thinking, which may be used in the pursuit of a career in ministry. After receiving a degree, students are eligible to pursue a Masters of Divinity, which are customary for most religious leadership positions.

Graduate Degrees:

Master of Arts Degree: 30-45 credits above the Bachelors level

*Master of Divinity: 86 credits above the Bachelors level