Metropolitan Christian University

MCU LEAD Program

The Life Experience Acquired Degree (LEAD) Program offers students of mature age the opportunity to earn their degree by Life/Professional Experience Credits without any required or additional course work. The MCU LEAD Program is a Life/Professional Experience Degree program, designed to assess the students educational and academic standing through prior learning, professional experience and other factors.


Students age 35 and older are offered the opportunity to take the Portfolio Assessment Evaluation to determine the student’s status and academic standing based on prior learning, practical and professional experience, books the student has read, and seminars and symposiums attended. The Portfolio Assessment is $250.00, which is due and payable at the time the student submits his/her portfolio for assessment.


Upon review, the Board of Regents will make its determination whether or not the student qualifies for his/her degree. If the Board of Regents votes favorably, the student need only pay the required Degree by Portfolio fee. [see Tuition & Fees]


For those who successfully qualify for the conferral of their LEAD Degree issued by Metropolitan Christian University and desire to participate in an official MCU Commencement Exercise, please contact the Office of Administration to make the necessary and proper arrangements. As with all MCU students, there is a $100.00 walking fee assessed for on-site Commencement Exercises.


The standard package includes the following:

  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ Custom printed Diploma bearing the student’s name, degree earned and the gold seal of MCU
  • Padded Diploma Cover
  • Two (2) Official Transcripts signed and sealed by the MCU Registrar
  • One (1) Letter of Educational Verification
  • One (1) Letter of Recognition signed by the President of MCU
  • One (1) Certificate of Membership in the MCU Alumni Association

MCU is one of the few non-governmentally accredited institution that is authorized through NAPTI, EEN and NBCA to administer the LEAD Degree Program, providing our students the opportunity to earn an accredited and recognized degree without additional academic requirements.

There is a $250.00 Portfolio Assessment Fee required to review and calculate total credits to be awarded for prior learning and professional credits earned. This Assessment Fee must be paid in full at time of application/enrolment and is non-refundable.


How to Apply:
Be sure to follow the following instructions carefully. Failure to submit accurate information will be grounds for rejection of your application.

  1. Acquire your previous Official Transcripts from all schools previously attended and have them forwarded to MCU
  2. List all books previously read. Include Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN number, Copyright Date, and Edition for each book
  3. Submit your personal/professional resume, which can be copied and pasted from a Word.doc or .PDF into the proper field of the application
  4. Submit three (3) or more personal character references. Include Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, and Years Acquainted
  5. Answer each and every question pertaining to views of Biblical Doctrine and Theological studies. Please be sure to indicate via scripture your reasons for your view and provide any valid sustaining information you may have. NOTE: each essay question should be a minimum of 250-500 words.
  6. Indicate the Degree(s) you are applying for.

NOTE: The Board of Regents makes the final determination of the actual Degree and Discipline earned

*Please be advised that upon assessment of the student’s academic/professional portfolio additional course work may be required.
A Thesis/Dissertation may also be required.

Requirements: 5 years minimum full-time verifiable Life/Professional Experience

Associate in Biblical Studies
Associate in Christian Education
Associate in Christian Ministry
Associate in Ministry
Associate in Practical Theology

Requirements: 8 years minimum full-time verifiable Life/Professional Experience

Bachelor of Christian Business Administration
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Ministry
Bachelor of Church Administration
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Divine Music
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Practical Theology

Requirements: 10 years minimum full-time verifiable Life/Professional Experience
Prerequisite: a Bachelors Degree from a recognized and accredited institution

Master of Christian Business Administration
Master of Christian Education
Master of Christian Ministry
Master of Church Administration
Master of Divine Music
Master of Ministry
Master of Practical Theology

Requirements: 15 years minimum full-time verifiable Life/Professional Experience
Prerequisite: a Masters Degree from a recognized and accredited institution

Doctor of Canon Law (Juris Doctorate Theologian)
Doctor of Christian Business Administration
Doctor of Christian Education
Doctor of Divine Music
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Practical Theology

Requirements: 20 years minimum full-time verifiable Life/Professional Experience
Prerequisite: a Masters Degree from a recognized and accredited institution

Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies